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The Move Project is an initiative to create a team of female leaders who will help keep our movement alive! Ideal TMP team members are the “conductors” of the movement who are ambitious and creative. TMP’s primary objective is to implement effective ideas that will fill in the gaps. The goal of TMP is to give women a seat at the table to help fulfill the mission, vision and values of the S.I.S. Movement. If you’re interested in learning more or want to join TMP, click the button below to get started!

We’re reintroducing quarterly social media content and events that will be brought to you on your favorite social media feed! The content and events will encourage women and aspiring young girls to foster conversation around the experiences and challenges we face pertaining to womanhood. The content will feature your Sisters Impacting Society co-founders and subject matter experts who will add value to the conversation!

We’re creating a space for women who are ready to move beyond the first steps of research and inspiration and dig deeper! The network will be an ongoing experience packed with proven strategies that will help you implement best practices and produce tangible results. This will be the perfect opportunity to join an intentional community of well-rounded, purposeful, and influential women! 

We’re bringing back our most exciting experience and taking it to the next level! Get ready to gather with women from varying backgrounds who are eager to learn how to become an impactful game-changer! These conferences will help you discover and develop skills and resources that will challenge your inner dreamer and help awaken purpose in you! 

We aim to reach, teach and meet the needs of women and aspiring young girls in our local community and the surrounding areas. You can look forward to more experiences and events that will promote women-led organizations and opportunities. We’re looking to form partnerships and collaborations that will ideally align with our mission, vision and values. If this is you, and you are interested in collaborating and partnering with us to provide unique experiences that will benefit our game-changers, click the button below to get started.

We’re re-designing our platform so that you can have a well-rounded experience! In addition to the knowledge and resources mentioned above, we’re working to provide you with tools that enhance your productivity and spark your ambition! We believe a woman and aspiring young girl who is equipped with the right tools will bring light to her strengths and increase effectiveness as she pursues her dreams and goals!

Follow along with us as we undergo rebranding to bring you a more lively and impactful experience! Get an exclusive look behind the scenes as we prepare for our relaunch, and be the first to know when our events and experiences go live! Get updates directly to your inbox, and don’t miss an announcement! As always, stay connected with us on your favorite social media platform.