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4 Reasons You Won’t Go After What You Really Want

I remember being frustrated because I was the reason I did not see much progress with some of my biggest goals in life. That frustration caused a lot of introspection. Today I’m going to share some of the biggest reasons that keep us from going after what it is we really want in life. You ready? Scroll down to read more!

✨ You don’t know what motivates you. Your “why” is going to be a large reason you pursue what you want. It matters when you know who and what has influenced your decision to go after what you want in your journey. Those who are clear about what motivates them can continue to move forward even when the odds are stacked against them.

✨ You are not aligned with your purpose. Maybe you’re reaching for a goal that doesn’t really align with what you really value. Fulfillment comes when you tap into purpose, or the ultimate desire you have for your life to represent and become. Anything that does not match and fails to meet the minimum requirements should take a back seat so that you can experience the most success.

✨ You are not connected to the right people. Let’s face the fact that no one knows all there is to know about what it takes to obtain success.Having someone in your corner like an expert, or someone who is experienced/like-minded can help streamline the progress, help you gain perspective and increase your chances to reach the finish line.

✨ You’ve already disqualified yourself. Sometimes, we are our own obstacle. A lack of progress and confidence can often times cause us to self-sabotage and prevent our own selves from moving forward in our journey. When you find


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