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How To Figure Out What You Want In Life

Let’s start by thinking of your most inspiring dream life. What would you do if you had no limitations? What would your dream life pan out to be? What is that one thing you can do forever? If you find yourself stuck answering these questions, I want to encourage you that all hope is not lost. In fact, I want to invite you to pull all the way back for a second, and allow your mind to think about you. I want you to engage your mind and think about your experiences, hobbies, events, activities, engagements, and/or memories. Can you think of any commonalities? As you’re thinking through these influences, is there anything similar about why you chose to engage in these ways. The reason I’m inviting you to think deeper is because I believe that what really fulfills you goes beyond your circumstances, which might include your experiences, background, people, and even culture.  When we talk about getting clear about what you really want, and figuring out what your life needs to look like in order for there to be any fulfillment, I want you to think about 3 specific things:

1. Your core beliefs and values, which are things we hold to be absolute truths deep down (underneath all our “surface” thoughts) that determine how we perceive and interpret the world.

2. Your passions, which is fervor, ardor, enthusiasm, zeal (meaning intense emotion), and compelling action. These mostly align with our core beliefs and values.

3. Your ambitions, which are  aspirations, pretensions, and a strong desire for advancement, which is often the result of our core beliefs, values and passions.

Purpose is always bigger than ourselves, so it is a lot more nuanced than just happiness alone. If I told you purpose only brings happiness, I’d be lying. Happiness is only one part of your purpose. Along with happiness comes sacrifice, need for contentment, waiting, difficulty, and ultimately fulfillment, among other things. Starting this process of figuring out what you really want in life with asking the right questions can help you become more clear about who you really are and lead a step closer to figuring out what it is your really want in life! If you’re looking for the right questions to ask, you can do one of two things right now to get you started:

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