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How To Increase Productivity During Your Daily Routine

Time blocking has made it possible for me to manage multiple passions, spend time with my family, take care of my personal needs and enjoy life! We want to empower you with tips to help you maximize your days so you can increase productivity and get results! You ready? Let’s get started!

MAKE ESTIMATES. Start paying attention to what you commit to on a day-to-day basis. Take notes (written or mental) on how you spend your days, and how long each of your commitments last. Think about all commitments, no matter if they are largely important, or your everyday endeavors.

✨ MAP IT OUT. Use your favorite planning tool with dates (calendar, reminders, planners, appointment lists, etc.) to plug in your commitments. Each commitment you write out needs to have a start time and an ending time. Look for spaces where you can insert focus work, free time, miscellaneous time (usually time you can give to help someone else or time you can give without being concerned about what that time frame will encompass), and small breaks.

✨ REVISE OR RELEASE. Start incorporating your time blocking plans into your day-to-day endeavors. Figure out if you plan works with your day’s demands. Revise your schedule if you determine your proposed schedule does not work well and your time blocks need to change. Release any commitments that do not fit well with your vision, mission and goals.


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