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How To Make Time For Your Goals

As you get more clear about what you want in life, you may have started to ask yourself, “How can I make this happen?. If you’re going to be an impactful game changer who gets successful results when going after your biggest dreams, you need strategy! Without a strategy, it’s easy to fall into habits that cause us to become stagnant and ultimately unproductive. When we don’t see the progress we need to see to keep us motivated, that may lead to us prematurely quitting on our dreams. The journey is not always easy, but living on purpose is definitely worth the journey! With that said, let’s talk through a few ways you can simply give yourself better strategy so you can accomplish your goals and see successful results.

  1. Think about how you spend your time each day. What do choose to do? Where do you go? Who do you interact with? What do you participate in? The answers to these questions will lead you to discover how you are committed. Learning how you commit your time will help you figure out what space is available, and how you can free your time from any commitments that may not align well with what you really want to do in life.
  2. Write your ideas in a list. After working through what you are already committed to in your day-to-day, start writing down how you would ideally like to spend your time in the form of a list. Whether your list is long or short, writing your thoughts down can bring life to your goal-driven journey.
  3. Pick your top 3 ideas to focus on for a period of time. Managing a list of ideas and action items can become overwhelming. The best way to manage a list is to pick the items that are most important and focus on no more than 3 at a time. Keeping only 3 tasks at a given time in mind can mitigate stress and help you make progress. Once you’ve completed those tasks, give yourself an opportunity to enjoy your achievements! If you’re really feeling motivated, feel free to re-visit your list and designate 3 more items on your list to prioritize! Usually, picking 3 tasks per day will increase productivity in an efficient way.

Purpose is always bigger than ourselves, so it is a lot more nuanced than just happiness alone. If I told you purpose only brings happiness, I’d be lying. Happiness is only one part of your purpose. Along with happiness comes sacrifice, need for contentment, waiting, difficulty, and ultimately fulfillment, among other things. Starting this process of making time for your goals with evaluating and revamping your commitments and priorities can help you become more productive and lead you a step closer to making time for you to see your dreams come true! If you’re looking for something to help you identify and manage your commitments and priorities, you can do one of two things right now to get you started:

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