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How to Respond When Your Plans Fail

It is naïve to think that our plans will always succeed. In our goal-driven journeys, we can expect to face obstacles, setbacks, and sometimes we can expect to hear “no”. So, how do you move forward when your dream goals are deferred? We suggest you take some time to evaluate what went wrong so you can go back to the drawing board. Here are some steps you can take to respond when your plans fail.

Revisit your “why”. There is no doubt that discouragement usually follows bad news. It is vital to your journey that you do not choose to give up on your dreams when your plans don’t go as intended. To help you keep going, you will need to consider revisiting your reason for.

Adjust your action steps. Start with breaking down each action step you took towards your end result. What worked? What did not work? What produced no results? Based on what you gather, revamp or change the action steps that either did not progress the way you intended, and were not successful. Replace those steps with something new that aligns well with your vision and relates to the end goal in mind. Completely remove any unsupportive actions that did not help you make progress with your goal.

Determine next steps. Prioritize your actions steps so you know what comes first, and what comes next. This will help you to continue your goal-driven journey with clarity and confidence and give you the motivation you need to keep going after your dream goals. Continue to list all of your action steps in order until you have a complete list. Determining your priorities makes it easier to figure out your next steps.

Knowing how you can respond to both the good and the bad is one way to keep you positioned for success with your goals. When you consider all outcomes, check your capacity, and create new habits, you become less likely to give up when you hear your outcome and you’ll be another step closer to your dreams coming true! If you’re looking for something to help you prepare for the expected and unexpected outcomes and ensure you get successful results, you can do one of three things right now to get you started:

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